Better Men Outreach was born out of a need of two young adult men, Isaac Nzoma and Dongelo Moore, who saw many of their brothers adrift and needing a setting to gather and grow. They wanted to develop the physical, social and ethical aspects of life for young adult men in the city.

After a number of discussions with a local pastor to develop an initial game plan for the group, they gathered a group of 17 men on Sunday, November 4, 2009 at 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM. The young men spent the first and third hours together playing basketball. The middle hour was dedicated to reflection of their lives. The group has met EVERY Sunday since then and over six hundred young men between the ages of sixteen and thirty five have participated. The first and third hours remained focused around the basketball court. The middle hour is filled with discussion, speakers and reflections on topics which the leadership decided on.

The discussions and presentations covered a many topics including: relationships with parents, women, authority, being a young black man in America, how to erase criminal records, sources for jobs and educational opportunities and funding, how to be successful in life, sharing common struggles, developing healthy families, drugs and alcohol.

Leadership developed a database of those attending in addition to a profile form and questionnaire covering education, job training, computer competency, goals, legal challenges, and ethical development. This information would allow Better Men Outreach to have accurate statistics on their members, including needs assessments, and measuring proven organizational impact. Leadership also required that young men participate in service projects in the community. Over the next several years BMO would lead countless community service projects and serve over 4,000 young adult men in the Greater Detroit Area.

Please feel  contact us at 586-459-0188 or info@bmo-detroit.org for any inquires.