Our Mission

Better Men Outreach HQ, Ltd. is a Michigan Nonprofit Corporation which aims to enhance the physical, social, and ethical growth of young men and to improve our community through regular service projects.

Better Men Outreach (BMO) has served thousands of members since originally forming in 2009. BMO was initially established in response to increasing violence and lack of resources and facilities for young adult men. Our program sites offer a safe place for young adult men to express themselves, access employment, education and legal resources, access caring mentors, reflect on life issues, play basketball, participate in community service projects and be welcomed into a brotherhood that encourages them to become better men.

BMO serves young adult men at the following program sites:
Corpus Christi Parish 19800 Pembroke Detroit, MI 48219 Every Sunday 4pm-7pm (temporarily closed due to covid related facility restrictions)

┬áSt. Cecilia Gym (St. Charles Lwanga Church) 6340 Stearns St, Detroit, MI 48204 Friday 6pm – 9pm*

*subject to gym availability

Admission is FREE for members 16yo+
Members must participate in orientation, reflection hour and scheduled community service projects.

What We Do: BMO promotes: positive self-expression during reflection; access to resources; networking; conflict resolution skills; public speaking skills; employment and life skill development; alternative to gangs; support group philosophy and encouragement with accountability.

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website: www.bmo-detroit.org

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